SoofaPay Realtime Payment Gateway

SoofaPay is an innovative payments and financial service provider that provides an easy to use, universal payment platform for businesses and a modern set of financial tools for users through an android, iphone and USSD application.

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SoofaPay USSD!

Have no smartphone? Don't worry, we got you covered. We have added a USSD application to our stack. You can now transact anywhere, anytime as long as you are in reach of a mobile phone.

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About SoofaPay

SoofaPay is the next revolution in digital payments. We are in Kenya the home of Mpesa, the service that introduced mobile money to the digital world. We are here to take the payment experience to the next level by offering a payment platform and NewBank for Africa and beyond.

SoofaPay Remit

Send money from your digital wallet or any of your existing card or mobile money account Worldwide. With our android app, ios app or USSD code, you can make instant transactions at the comfort of your sofa.

Developers Playground

SoofaPay is the only developer oriented mobile money provider in the modern times. You can easily get started with any of our SDKs for android, ios and web. Our server side libraries enables you to get started in minutes.

Example with SoofaPayJS

function handleclick() { var reference = "footwear"; var amount = 10; soofapay(amount, reference).then(function (response) { if (response.type==="TRANSACTION_SUCCESSFUL"){ console.log("Data received: ", response); var tid =; // Now submit the data to your server for verification } }); }

Fastest payment, secure transaction.

SoofaPay takes care of all delays, security and GoLive procedures you would face elsewhere, Receive payments instantly with no geographical boundaries. Online integration is also plug and go.

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Rolland Woods

I have tried using different solutions, i ended up being frustrated. When i stumbled at SoofaPay all my problems were sorted. It was unbelievable that i could intergrate in a few minutes and Go Live instantly.

Mercy Waluke

SoofaPay has made our payment system easier to use. Without SoofaPay thee is no way we could have scaled our systems to the level they are now.

Abdishakar Sumra

You made it so simple, I no longer have to make regular visits to the ATMs, agents or banks. I just send money directly from my card to any Mobile money.